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Our 2019 Events

SGFE are please to announce our first annual conference

SGFE June Client Conference 2019 – Fit For Growth

Join us at the fabulous Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa for our 2019 Client Conference

Summary: Is your business fit for the unprecedented period of economic growth predicted for 2021-2031? Our hand-picked team of renowned business experts will show how to get your business in great shape for growth. We have found some amazing guest speakers with hugely valuable knowledge that we believe is essential for success as we head into unknown territory, growing and developing our businesses.

On Day 1, top business coach Nic Rixon presents the convincing evidence about why we expect a 10 year run of strong economic growth to begin in 2021. Nic will introduce a fine array of speakers, who would not normally be available to the SME business world, but we have managed to persuade them to contribute to your conference. Top companies pay our speakers many thousands of pounds for their programs.

Firstly we will have a session on Breakthrough Strategies for Success, focusing on Improving personal effectiveness by building positive psychological resources to deliver transformational benefits for companies, careers, and private lives. Our speaker explains how positive psychologycan win even reluctant people’s buy-in to change, and consistently improve patterns of organisational behaviour.

Later in the day our speaker for Taking Care of Business is a doctor, author, keynote speaker and facilitator specialising in the optimisation of wellbeing, performance and resilience since 1996. He has partnered with organisations internationally to support individual and organisational wellbeing.

After dinner, we have an amazing speaker who climbed Everest at age 60 has walked to both Poles and is preparing to row the Atlantic next year. This is in addition to holding board level appointments in top UK businesses.

On Day 2 you will be working on how and why of creating amazing employee experiences and how to build asset value into your businesses and attract the very best people. We have a massive skill shortage in the UK and money is no longer the only way to attract, keep and motivate the best talent.

Our first speaker will talk about Attracting and Retaining Talent and explains why in today’s job market, attracting and retaining talent is often top of the agenda for business leaders. What is your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? Do you have one? Very rarely is a salary the biggest driver in a candidates/employees’ decision making process. As Head of Employee Engagement at OVO Energy, he was in charge of the people plan that helped the company grow from 40 to 1300 people and be ranked 20th Best Place to work in the Sunday Times in 2017.

Our second speaker will present Your Recipe for Value Creation – Using financial and non-financial capital to create a business that is valued and valuable. He will help you: explore how different forms of capital relate to your business model – financial, human, intellectual, social and cultural capital and to understand how different types capital can accelerate your business value

Both days will be interspersed with case studies from some of our current and previous clients, to share their experiences and key learnings on how to get the best from their coaching team. There will also be lots of opportunities to network and find new clients and suppliers. Some of the business relationships developed at our conferences have produced long term friendships as well as mutually beneficial business.

The program has been designed for your whole management team so please do bring them if you can.

We have a hard cap at 100 delegates so you should reserve your places Now


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Smash Your Business Goals Using The Latest Google Strategies

Google HQ London 19th March

This event is aimed at CEO’s, CMOs and Marketing Directors with the focus on helping you smash your business goals using the latest strategies from Google.

  • Speakers from Google, Push and SGFE will be sharing key strategies on how you can grow your business and get the best return from your digital investment in 2019.
  • Industry experts across Paid Search on Google & Bing, as well as social channels like Facebook & Instagram.
  • The event will cover the latest BETAs and innovations; Staying ahead of your competition online; How Google is evolving, Google AI & Machine Learning and How to get relevant customers & leads 24/7.
  • Nic Rixon of SGFE will reveal the overpowering evidence that we are on the brink of period of ecnomic growth. He will explain how businesses grow in “jumps” and get stuck in between. He will explain why you get stuck and what to do about it.
  • Push use their unique scripts, software technology and tools to keep businesses ahead of their competitors.


SGFE Business Planning Breakfast with Nic Rixon


Nic Rixon

Business Breakfast Briefing with Nic Rixon 

Your Recipe for Growth

Even against a background of political and economic turmoil, it is a business leader’s primary duty to achieve growth. But what’s your definition of growth? Growth in revenue, growth in profits, growth in market share or growth in valuation? Or something else? On 15th May at Jurys Inn London Holborn,  50-60 Southampton Row, WC1B 4AR top business consultant and analyst Nic Rixon explores what is growth?

Despite the current political uncertainty, Nic will show you convincing evidence that now is the time to implement a growth strategy. The macro-economic picture indicates a period of underlying strong economic growth between 2021 and 2031. But you, your business and your people need to be Fit for Growth. This will be the topic of SGFE’s annual conference later this year.

Your business needs to be structured for growth and Nic will reveal the secrets of achieving the most efficient and profitable team size and competition at your current stage of development. He will also explain how and why businesses grow in “jumps” rather than at a steady incremental rate and why you will get stuck at certain points in your business journey and how you get out of these “black holes” into the next growth phase.

 Important as these numbers are, it the Culture of your business that will be the principal driver.  There is now empirical evidence that the Top 100 Places to work out performs the FTSE100 by 38%.   Taking your team with you and have common values and goals is critical to your success. Is your business, physically, mentally and culturally fit for growth? Join us on 15th May and learn how to achieve this.