5 Ways to Revive Your Revenue

Many a time I have been called into a business with falling sales. Inevitably the Managing Director blames the sales force. They are lazy, ineffective and lack motivation. Could we deliver some sales training to get them re-energised and back on track? Well of course we would be only too happy, but there a half a dozen reasons for a decline in sales. Salespeople usually get the blame because they are last in the process, so let’s look further back in the revenue chain.

  • Lead Generation. This is the job of the Marketing function, not sales. Salespeople end up doing it because they are not provided with enough good quality leads. Cold calling is expensive and can be demoralising. A salesperson’s skillset is to convert leads into sales by building a relationship with the prospect. Using a highly paid person to generate leads is inefficient. You need to build a lead generation system that delivers pre-qualified, high quality prospects. The best way to do this is via Distribution Channels.  We can show you how to do this.
  • Product Delivery. How good are you at making good on your promises? Whether it’s a physical product or a service you are delivering, if you are slow or inefficient at delivering the product/service, you will not get repeat business or recommendations. We can help you with improving your Customer Journey.
  • Customer Service. This what you do for the customer that isn’t on the bill. It’s the extras you deliver – the service wrap around the product. This may seem like icing in the cake, but it is what separates you from the competition and gets you out of the downward spiral of competing only on price. We can help you develop a Standards and Extras programme which improves customer loyalty and referrals.
  • Pricing and Packaging. This is not just about having competitive pricing. It is about providing an offer to the customer that satisfies their needs at the right price. Different ways of structuring fees and packaging your products can make a huge positive difference to your revenue. We have consultants who can advise and design a new pricing and packaging strategy with you. 
  • Product. Is your product range tired and out of date? Even the best sales and marketing team cannot perform miracles with products that are out of step with market and lack any excitement. Ask our team about putting together an ACM (Architecture, Content and Market) programme for you.


Once all of these elements are optimised we can train your sales force on the best sales techniques and you can be sure they will be re-energised.