SGFE is a tight-knit family of business coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

SGFE has worked with hundreds of national and international enterprise & SME businesses spanning across industries to set and implement successful growth, funding and exit strategies.

The team achieves success through our proven and unique blend of coaching and consulting, and firmly believes in using both a commercial and cultural approach.

Every SGFE coach has at one point or another been in a business owner’s shoes, and we all fundamentally believe empathising with our audience is paramount in building fruitful and sustainable partnerships.

What Our Clients Say

“SGFE gave us a fresh new approach to how we position our business and how to use company culture as an asset. Company culture was the biggest eye opener for our business.”

Edward W
Managing Partner, Law Firm

“The biggest impact which SGFE had on our business was around culture and how that impacted the entire business. “

Danielle P
Vendor Relations, Finance Firm

“By working with SGFE we were able to grow our revenue from £13m to £15m and with the structures they have put into our business, we are looking to reach £19m by the end of the year.”

Alex R
CFO, Tech Firm
Nic Rixon
Founder & CEO
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As a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold companies in manufacturing, property, training and commercial design, Nic knows about the challenges of growing a successful business and managing people.

He was one of the founding partners of Shirlaws, responsible for driving the growth of the business. In addition to consulting with hundreds of mid tier businesses, he has worked with British Aerospace, Sony Pictures, HSBC, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Direct Selling Association and Oxford University.

Nic has also been invited to deliver keynote presentations at numerous Business Schools in the UK and Europe on business strategy.

Hobbies & Interests: Motorcycles, F1 Racing, Red Wine, Health & Fitness, Vinyl Collector, Reading, Personal Development

Skills: Board & Team Training, CEO Coaching, International Speaker, Strategy Consultant, Revenue Systems, Sales Trainer

Julian Oldfield
Co-founder & COO
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Julian has a huge experience in running successful companies using his wealth of knowledge and is committed to driving strategy and training business skills. He loves helping forward thinking business leaders.

Hobbies & Interests: Julian’s mantra is to live life to the max…his social activities include enjoying family life, watching football, fitness training, worldwide travel, walking the family dog, socialising and coaching swimming. He also loves fine wine.

Skills: An expert in management structures, corporate innovation, finance reporting/management accounts and problem solving. Julian makes companies grow fast through embedding revenue, management and cultural systems and has applied these skills in a large number of SME and corporate clients.

Rich Marsh
Business Coach
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As a consultant, trainer and international keynote speaker, Rich has worked with hundreds of businesses across EMEA over the last 30 years, from the conference hall to the boardroom and right into the heart of the workplace.

Ranging from global industrials, international banks and service companies, through to small-medium entreprises of all types, he has been instrumental in performance improvement of leadership and general management, sales growth and productivity gains, cultural change and increased brand image.

As an entrepreneur, Rich was co-founder of National Shortlist PLC – a precursor to the online recruitment platforms (similar to ‘Indeed’) that we have today, but at a time before the internet existed. He was featured widely in the national and trade press as a trailblazing businessman. In other ventures, he has appeared on radio and TV as a subject matter expert and panellist in several countries, once being interviewed by the presenter Michael Parkinson. Rich also founded a health products company which made it onto the High Street against all odds.

He is an accomplished salesperson and negotiator, trainer, coach and consultant, but in business enjoys nothing more than spending quality time listening to businesswomen and men with a passion for what they do.

Hobbies & Interests: Rich enjoys off-road cycling, protecting the environment and a ‘bit’ of golf (the bit when the ball drops into the hole).

Skills: Sales has been a lifelong passion and Rich enjoys working with companies to structure, recruit, train, manage/coach and hold people accountable for sales results.

Shekhar Varma
Business Coach
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Shekhar has 30 years’ experience as a business owner, an international coach and trainer. He works with executives and CEOs from diverse cultures around the world.
His focus is to help them grow their business by facilitating insights and clarity that takes a plan from good to great.
He has extensive experience of working with leaders to develop a high-performance culture that creates a winning team.

Hobbies and interests
In his leisure time Shekhar is an enthusiastic lover of all thing’s food. He has his own twist on Indian cuisine that propelled him to the ¼ finals of master chef in 1999 and Mega chef in 2000. He is also a writer of screenplays and stage plays and has had two plays produced in the London fringe.

Shekhar specialises in contextual business planning, is a sought after coach and is skilful in putting clients at ease and listening. He will challenge and encourage you to push forward and expand your possibilities and potential.

Gemma Cubitt
Business Coach
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Gemma brings with her 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector, most relevantly in an entrepreneurial environment at a FTSE 100 company with business growth as the main objective. Gemma works with teams to improve their operational effectiveness, review training and development strategy and support business leaders on their people agenda. She has worked with a wide spectrum of audiences including self-employed business owners, early career programme participants, board executives and large outsourced operations teams.

Gemma is a qualified Insights practitioner, a Meyler Campbell business coaching graduate and our in house Compass Indicator specialist.

Hobbies & Interests: Gemma enjoys spending time in the Cotswolds, walking her dog in the beautiful countryside. She loves eating out and spending time with friends and family.

Skills: Gemma has an ability to creatively problem solve enabling her to work with businesses to unlock their people potential. She enjoys working in high energy and innovative environments, where she can help problem solve creatively, and challenge clients to help them understand what is possible, both personally and professionally. She unlock the potential of businesses and individuals to deliver improved performance.

Vicky Simpson
Vicky Simpson
Business Coach
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Vicky as worked in the legal sector assisting firms with business strategy, compliance and coaching. With over 30 years’ experience she has helped firms to achieve their business objective, whilst supporting their management teams and staff. Vicky works with teams to drive performance, and using systems and processes to embed this into the culture of firms.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS : Vicky has a zest for life and helping others, whether this is through work or on a voluntary basis. She is a keen cinema goer and has a wide taste in entertainment regularly going to concerts as well. She enjoys swimming immensely. She also enjoys quality time spent with family and friends, and loves a nice Frappuccino.

SKILLS : Vicky has been instrumental in the acquisition of firms , law firm start-ups, ABS, practice management, and has a particular expertise in compliance and business strategy. Vicky takes a proactive approach and is fully equipped to identify fundamental

John Edwards
Business Coach
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John has more than 25 years of international management experience, including 10 years in international and emerging markets, primarily in rapid growth environments or in challenging turnaround situations.

He has held senior roles in operations, finance and general management across a range of industries that include telecoms, forestry and renewable energy. John has spent 15 years as a business owner and partner in a number of professional consulting practices, where he has experienced the full range of entrepreneurial highs and lows.

Hobbies & Interests: John lives in Switzerland and enjoys the fantastic quality of outdoor life it offers, whether that’s up a hill, down a hill or around a lake. He likes to cook, read and play a bit of guitar when no-one is looking or listening.

Skills: John’s particular areas of interest and expertise lie around planning, process and governance– operational, organisational and financial – interlinked disciplines that many entrepreneurial businesses lack, yet which are absolutely key to realising full growth potential.

Whether you are looking to Fund, Grow or Sell your business, our team is on hand to help.

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