Are you looking to sell your business for the best price?
Follow our proven formula to value and sell your business for more.

Our Approach

Did you know that 94.6% of businesses fail to sell every year. Do you know why that is?

We do and we want to show you how to get a true valuation for your business so that you can sell it.

Would you like to learn to build a business that does not revolve around you? How would you like to learn the formula to value your business?

Let us help you get the best price for your business.

Common Exit (Selling) Challenges

How do I remove myself from the day to day running of the business?
Has my business peaked or can I get a good price in this market?
I am burnt out and just want to live a more relaxed life?
Can I walk away from my business once I sell it?

The formula to value your business is simple
V = P X M
(Valuation = Profit x Multiple)

If you would like to find out the multiples, download the PDF guide to learn more.

Exit Blogs


How do I sell my business?
If you are looking to sell your business, you need to know how much it is worth first. Make sure you understand the V=PXM formula to maximise your business valuation.
How do you sell a business without a broker?
If you know how to build value into your business then you will not need a broker to sell it for you. Understand the valuation formula and sell your business yourself.
How much do I sell my business for?
This is a very good question. If you put your business through the V=PxM formula you will have a very clear valuation in which to sell your business. Without this formula you could be short changed.