It takes courage to borrow money from the bank or ask for investor funding! Build your business the right way so that investors want to invest. If you want investors to give your business funding you need to have a blueprint. 

Our Approach

Thousands of businesses never receive the funding they need to scale their business. Why is it that some businesses have investors lining outside the door while others don’t have anyone.

At SGFE we show you how to build a business that is fundable, scalable and attracts the right investors. We help you build a business that does not revolve around the CEO or one particular individual.

Our proven formular has enabled many businesses like yours to receive funding and to go on and scale their business.

Common Funding Challenges

Why can I not get funding for my business?
How do I build a business that others can invest in?
What do I need to do in my business to get a higher funding valuation?
Where do I find investors looking to fund my business?
Every growing business needs funding. If you are looking to build structure into your business to acquire funding, then download our free PDF guide.

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Funding Blogs


How do I fund my business?
By working with our team of specialist business coaches and consultants they will show you what your business needs in order to receive funding.
How do I get funding for my small business?
Using our Funding Formula it is easy to build to align your focus to make sure that you are driving the business in the right direction. By implementing a few simple strategies you will make your business eligible for investment.
Where do I find investors?
When you have a business that is built from the inside out, it is very easy to find funding for your business because you have the right structures in place. If you give investors what they want, you will not have a problem finding the right investor.