A North Dakota State University student walks through a blizzard Tuesday, March 10, 2009, from his apartment to lunch cafeteria on campus. (AP Photo/The Forum, Michael Vosburg)

Business Planning for the Future

What helping our clients through the 2008-9 recession taught us was the importance of “holding your nerve”. Many businesses “Froze”, fearing to move forwards or backwards. The result was they emerged from the slowdown in a weak position and had neither the finances or the resources to take advantage of the upturn. We encouraged our clients to continue on the growth path they had previously planned. As a result one of our clients grew from £12M to £21M over a 4 year period.

So despite the worries and uncertainties that 2019 may present, don’t freeze!  A siege mentality just won’t work. Whatever the politicians inflict on us, they can’t buck the macro economic cycle and despite the temporary setbacks we might experience in 2020, we are on the threshold of a period of almost unprecedented economic growth and your business needs to be in good shape to take advantage of it.

Now is the time to make your growth plan. Despite the underlying trends and short term influences, growth of individual businesses is still predictable and anything but steady and incremental. It happens in quantum leaps from one stage to the next and unless you know what you should be doing at each stage of your business journey, you will get stuck and never jump over the next hurdle.

Nic Rixon knows from experience working with hundreds of businesses that these growth stages are surprisingly predictable. And what is more he knows what you need to do to extract your business from these “black holes”. The secret is that the answer is different for each stage of growth.

Join us at our next Business Growth Event and learn how to plan for growth and steer a straight course through the uncertain times ahead.