I have been talking to business owners recently about how they manage the challenges of political and economic uncertainty. They seem to fall into 2 main camps: the stoical “Business as usual – we are strong and roll with the punches” attitude, to the dynamic ”We are smart, agile and reactive” approach.

Both have their merits. We shouldn’t get knocked off course by a small wave, but we should react and take advantage of changes in market conditions. So resilience is important, but we have to plan for resilience. What I mean is that we have to have a resilient strategy for success.

No doubt you are aware of the 2 main approaches to the stock market: “Short” and “Long”. Skilful “Shorts” can take advantage of falls as well as rises in the market, while long term investors bet on long term growth. Really smart investors can do both. Now is the time for the Long Game. Despite the current up and downs, we are on the brink of an unprecedented period of economic growth.

Nic Rixon understands and explains the workings of the Economic Cycle to businesses, so they can take advantage of this once in a career lifetime opportunity. But he also understands how businesses grow and that is by no means steadily – businesses grow in a series of quantum leaps and they tend to get stuck at one level, seemingly unable to jump to the next. But these jumps are predictable and you need a “Jump” strategy to make sure you don’t get stuck in a “black hole”. In the impending growth cycle, you don’t want to get stuck and miss the boat.

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