The world has turned upside down

A month ago business seemed relatively normal. Now almost everyone is activating business continuity procedures and working out how to cope in uncertain times.

Every business owner will be wondering how to keep the ship afloat – even businesses which have previously developed a robust referral network to create a flow of new pre-sold client activity.

Pre-sold leads

If a business has previously committed to creating a channel of pre-sold leads, this historical work of building of reliable distribution will be a key support for SME’s navigating the current stormy waters.

However, during this time of elevated stress and indecision, these distribution relationships will now become tested.  We will start to see one of the five distribution fears ‘pop up’:

  • Integrity
  • Control
  • Quality of advice
  • Consistency
  • Time

This blog focuses on established distribution networks. This means

that in the past, these five fears would have been satisfied. So, which of the five fears are most crucial to check in with for current distribution partners?

This morning I did a small survey with SGFE’s partners. The number one “fear” to address with your partners on will be integrity. By this, I mean trust and credibility.

Trust that your distribution partners KNOW that you are still able to deliver to the high standard you always have done if they send pre-sold leads your way.

Pro-active communication

It is imperative that you reach out to all your distribution partners and have an honest conversation with them.  Ensure that the context of your discussion hinges on trust. Listen and then reassure them to any potential issues they may have.

Being able to tap into the reliable distribution of pre-sold leads can be essential to ease financial pressures.

A pre-sold lead is one of the most significant channels of new business. The lead will already know who are you, and they want to do business with you when they reach you.

If you have spent time building strong distribution channels, now is the time to leverage their impact. Check-in and make sure the relationship remains strong and that no new fear flags have popped up.

If you wish to understand more about the five fears held by distribution partners and how they unlock the five benefits of great distribution, please connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a direct message, or follow the SGFE company page.