What drives growth in a business

Let’s begin with one of CEOs’ biggest and universal challenges: finding the balance between running and growing your business.

You become so embedded in the must-do tasks that you can’t identify what drives growth. Running and growing your business at the same time requires more hours than there are in the day.

Handing over the reins means trusting someone else to do as well as you, which isn’t always easy, especially if You believe you have to manage absolutely everything because it’s your business.

So, If you want wealth and leisure, you need to find a new way of working. 

Uber-successful entrepreneurs figured out to do this, some instinctively, some with the help of a specialist growth coach. Either way, it gave them the balance in life we all seek.

What they learned was how to manage their business not in content, but in context. Could this be a key factor in identifying what drives growth in a business? Context is the part of management that brings meaning to your projects and goals. It gives an easy to follow language to your processes and brings clarity to the content. With well-defined context, you’ll align decision making and understanding across your company.

Putting the Idea into Practice:

This is a very simplified analogy. But the idea remains the same, even in more complex discussions.

Imagine three directors of the same business are having a conversation. They’re talking about fruit and whether apples, oranges, or bananas are the best. Without clearly defined context, “best” is a vague term that each director will view differently. Are they talking about which fruit tastes the best, looks the best, or has the best benefits? 

The conversation is confusing and lasts much longer than it needs to, wasting energy, management time, and focus.

Now imagine the same conversation, but this time the term “best” was given the context of “contains the most vitamin C”. Without context every answer has some validation, but with context the answer is fact.

Imagine how much quicker that conversation would be concluded.

Without clear context, It’s easy for management or team meetings to become muddled. There are too many different interpretations of what’s needed, decisions are difficult to reach, and you’re stuck focusing on a small task rather than growing your business. 

When you see your teams like this, it’s no surprise you want to manage everything yourself!

But once you set out the clear context, the decision making of your team accelerates. and the overall value of your team’s time is increased.

Treble your growth in 3 years, not 5:

We worked with a client to help drive growth in their business and we chose to work within the context of “learning”. That might not mean much on its own, but dig deeper into their context, and you’ll find this encourages creativity, pushing boundaries, and thinking innovatively. A clear focus because of a clear context. 

This created a brilliant, optimistic work environment that drove the growth that until now had eluded the owners.

How Do You Find What Drives Growth?

You can see why context is vital, but how do you find yours? You can take so many contextual routes, and choosing the right one is essential to aligning your business conversations with your goals. 

Understanding what lies at the heart of your company and why you bother becomes the foundation of everything you do. It dictates your goals, your discussions, and the entire future of your business.

This is not an easy task, but pinpointing your context correctly is a must if you want to grow your business

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